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Editor's Choice #4

/ Film Title: Sound of Isolation

/ Artist: Kristina Petukhina

Adjust your screen size, turn up the volume and feel the 'Sound of Isolation' by Kristina Petukhina

review below...

A visceral short created by Kristina Petukhina in the early days of the first COVID19 lockdown. Shot entirely on a smartphone, it encapsulates a moment of real and palpable uncertainty in a powerful piece of responsive creativity to an imposed isolation. Petukhina describes "during this difficult period of isolation, I was left alone with my neighbors in a new building. Every day they drill into all the walls and it seems already into my head...I took my violin, Octatrack, Korg, Kaoss Pad — and we played together like an industrial orchestra."

Adjust your screen size to view the tall film at its best.

Turn up your volume.