A glossary of terms

Refers to the interconnected nature of social categories such as race, gender, sexuality, and class, and how they overlap and interact with each other in shaping an individual's experiences and opportunities
Involving the integration of multiple academic disciplines or fields of study to address a particular problem or issue
Relating to or involving multiple countries or nations
A concept that refers to the social and cultural spaces that exist outside of the traditional binary of public and private spaces, often associated with hybrid and multicultural environments. It combines the 'real' (physical) and 'imagined' (mental or perceived) spaces to create a unique space for understanding and interpreting the complexities of the lived experience. The term is often associated with the work of Edward Soja and highlights the interplay between social, historical, and spatial dynamics.
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In the context of art, a "glitch" refers to an unexpected or unintentional error in a digital or electronic system that creates a visually interesting or aesthetically unique result. Glitch art embraces these imperfections, often using them deliberately to create an innovative and unconventional visual experience that challenges traditional notions of perfection and order in digital media. This art form can include distortions, pixelations, or corrupted data that give rise to new, often unexpected visual expressions.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the context of art, refers to the use of computer algorithms and machine learning to create or contribute to artistic works. AI can analyze vast amounts of data and learn from existing art styles to generate new pieces, assist artists in the creative process, or even collaborate in interactive art installations. AI-generated art often explores the intersection of technology and creativity, challenging traditional boundaries and definitions of art and artist.
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Referring to something that exists or is created using computer technology and is not physically present
The process of distributing or sharing information or knowledge with a wider audience
A systematic and scientific investigation of a particular topic or question, often conducted to discover new knowledge or validate existing theories
A period of time when an artist or professional temporarily works or lives in a different location to pursue a particular project or opportunity
A group of people who share common interests, goals, or characteristics, and often interact with and support each other
A philosophical and cultural movement that emerged in the late 20th century, characterized by a rejection of modernist values and an embrace of plurality, fragmentation, and relativism
A term used to describe a contemporary resurgence of postmodern ideas and aesthetics in art, culture, and society
Referring to any form of visual media that involves motion or animation, such as film, video, or animation
The ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to form reasoned judgments or conclusions
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