Fragment of a motionless journey

Haccoun Ariane - 2020

Length 37:26


On March 2020, most of the world start it's quarantine, I am French, currently living in Tel Aviv, in Israel.

I went through the confinement period alone, far from family.

I started a “motionless journey” through an online webcam on the internet, first in France, then in other countries.
For two months I filmed my computer screen with my tripod and video camera. I made short films of one to two minutes of live webcam images; a virtual tour of cities, ski resort, beaches, zoo around the world. I also record my apartment sounds: phone conversation, birds singing, radio, television etc...
I found a kind of exterior in my interior, this work brings a reflection on representation of reality, creation and loneliness.
This work asks about the belonging of texts, images, in the internet and the relation of it in art.

Who is the artist when the image are public and the words are from “others”? The only witness is “the camera eye”.
Those images seem to tell us that nature and animals took back their place.

The obstacle, the limit of the confinement allowed me a movement of creation, a motionless journey.

I simulate, I pretend to have what I didn’t have.

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