96000 cameras

José Simões -

Length 13:46


It is said that you can disassemble a Leica camera, put all the parts in a box, shake it, and he will reassemble it for you with his eyes closed. But there are others about how he fixed a lens with a punch or how he bluntly asks clients not to bring him any ‘toys’ to fix. He will not hesitate to criticize your poor camera choice and will lecture you about your dirty lens. The more difficult the task you bring him, the faster he’ll get it done. Even faster if he likes you, although we’re not really sure what will make him like you, except maybe bringing in a good Pentax camera your first time visiting his shop. If you’re into analog photography and you live in Porto, you’ll know who Adriano is. If you don’t, the shop where you left your camera to be fixed, does. 96000 is the number of cameras that have passed through is workshop. That’s also the number of stories he has in him to tell.

Alice Bernardo

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