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Six Minutes Past Nine is built on three pillars; Development, Discourse and Dissemination within thirdspace - a new meaningful cultural space focused on digital media art, generative work, moving image, and sound, supported by divergent research, exploration and ideation; convergent synthesis and process through communication tools, collaboration and shared outlook.

We have generated these learning and development pillars to simplify the understanding of our value structure and offering. All activities will further cement one or more of the three pillars.

Discourse [context, insights]: Facilitating new discourse through guest curation, talks, domestic and international panels, screenings, Q&A’s both online and offline, and online community dialogue to engage in research and discussions around new digital spaces, art in a post-human world, new moving-image and sound art. Addressing questions about what’s going on in the world, technology, best practice, society, culture and values.

Development [practice, analysis]: Supporting the development of artists, digital generators, moving-image makers, sound designers, curators and researchers through a virtual studio program, residencies, skill sharing, mentoring, learning, community, and knowledge transfer. Critically engaging practice and ideas to create new pathways.

Dissemination [profile, narrative]: Work and ideas disseminated through a matrix of technological tools, frameworks, partnerships, screening events, social media and burgeoning digital mediums as they arise and offer value. From DAOs to virtual gallery spaces, new media channels to digital champions.

We offer a new alternative pedagogical pathway with focus on research, practice, collaboration, studio time and output. Our new pilot virtual studio program will begin in Feb 2024 - details to follow.

In partnership Mnemozine interdisciplinary research and art collective which manifests itself as a platform for experiments in philosophy, sociology and contemporary art practice. Merging cultural mediation and critical inquiry, it interacts with its social landscape by means of written publications, online content, collaborations and public interventions.

Supported by an international team, advisory board, colleagues, friends. Thank you all.

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(image courtesy of Mnemozine)