Valeriy Bagrintsev - 2020

Length 06:13


In an attempt to express the identity of these places, the story leads us to the outskirts of Novorossiysk - the southern port city in Russia, which stands on the site of an ancient settlement that still retains a spiritual connection with the past.


❏ Equipment used:

Canon EOS 550D / 2010 + kit lens 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 + soviet «Mir-1B» 2,8/37mm;
CineStyle profile, color-graded in post.

"CIEMEZ" is an audio-visual experiment. It was made when pandemic started to hit one region by another in March-April 2020. Once in-person interactions between people were prohibited and self-isolation came in place, the only two things I could safely communicate with were my old Canon t2i and lonely landscapes on the outskirts of the native city.

In this work, I wanted to convey the feeling of emptiness and silence, but at the same time the oppressive presence of something invisible. Pendulum to the left, pendulum to the right. The God of Rest and the God of Motion clash on the dial of nights and days.

❏ Music by:

Chris Zabriskie
 - Cylinder Seven

Ablaut - Ceramic in Wood

Scott Buckley - Machina

Jon Lachney - Ultraviolet

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