Eddie Lohmeyer - 2019

Length 07:55


Maps is an experimental machinima film that uses composited gamespaces to generate seductive forms of abstraction. Created through appropriated game footage of map walkthroughs, the film produces colorful swirling and gyrating game fragments by blending the dynamic motion of avatars as they traverse giant gameworlds. Here, color mixing each game overlaid upon the other creates vibrant rhythms of pixels that continuously explode and swallow themselves. These psychedelic sequences are accompanied by a warped recording of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.4, F Minor, Op.36 resulting in a visual symphony; a synesthesia of fractured spaces with the changing pitches and echoes of orchestral movements. Following in the traditions of avant-garde filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage and Tony Conrad, Maps explores the material contours of game engines and the 3D environments they render by transforming familiar gamespaces into a kaleidoscope of ever-changing polygons.

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