J Masson - 2020

Length 01:51


In many of my previous projects (paintings, sculptures, videos) I explore the concepts of the Anthropocene, Nature as seen through the digital lens, evolution of the species and virtual isolation.

Through the use of CG technology, I experiment with the concepts of evolution through time to represent in a visually interesting and novel ways and I am very keen to discover new worlds that echo our prevalent digital culture.

For me, the digital world offers challenging new directions for an artist. However, it is an imperfect world, chaotic and full of glitches, accidents and randomness that reminds me of the unpredictability of Nature itself.

In this animation titled ‘Obsolescence’, I particularly drew inspiration from my visits to several collection of natural history specimens (Milner centre for evolution, Museum of Natural History in Oxford and also the Grant Museum at UCL).

I used digital tools to illustrate research on Ecology and evolution. These are complex dynamical processes that have shaped the world around us over millennia. And more specifically how we are witnessing a mass extinction of many animal species due to man’s activities in the environment. Theodosius Dobzhansky said that "nothing in biology makes sense, except in the light of evolution"

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