Out to Lunch

Matteo Campulla - 2017

Length 01:19


This work is based on the concept of the fourth wall, that invisible wall that separates the reality in which the spectator lives from the fiction in which the show takes place. In an action based on the everyday and the certainty of its rules, the spectator and the protagonist will face the breaking of this wall, making anything valid. Conceived as a short loop, each scene will be repeated exactly every 1’19’’ making the vision even more alienating. In the short video there are innumerable references to some mental disorders, through the manifestation of their various symptoms: obsessive compulsive disorder, claustrophobia, bipolarity, schizophrenia are told through repetition, anxiety, vertigo, paranoia and hallucinations. The same concept of fourth wall, in this case, wants to represent the very thin border that separates the healthy from the others, in a continuous overturning In an action focused through everyday reality

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