Daniel Lingham

Daniel Lingham


Daniel Lingham AI Self Portrait

Daniel is a curator, researcher, educator, writer, and coder, with a strong commitment to the curation of contemporary works in digital media, artists' moving image, and sound. His focus lies in examining the intricate interplay of contemporary practices, particularly concerning issues of accessibility and interaction within the digital landscape, and in response to the challenges of the dichotomy of an increasingly isolating medium with far reaching potential.

Daniel's work places an emphasis on innovation and exploration of third-space theory - a human/hybrid perspective, consistently pushing the boundaries for emerging artists. His efforts revolve around a rigorous analysis of the digital terrain, where he conducts ongoing research into new and burgeoning models for artistic creation and dissemination. This encompasses a comprehensive exploration of the transformative potential of new ways to create, share and economically empower artists. Daniel has a background in philosophy, maths, computer science, and visual communication.

His objective is to provide the next generation of artists with the knowledge and tools to navigate the digital opportunities available and contribute to the evolution of arts practice.