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Sanjeshka (Sanja Pupovac), born in 1983 in Zadar, Croatia, is a multifaceted artist and academic. Her upbringing, marked by frequent moves due to her father's diplomatic career, led to a unique blend of cultural influences, particularly during the Jugoslavian crisis. Educated in an Indian school while living in embassy confines in Kuwait, her work reflects a confluence of Arabic, Indian, and Italian cultural elements. Sanjeshka's academic and professional journey includes studies and teaching at the Politecnico in Milano, specializing in Art and Design.

Her artistic career spans various mediums, from design to photography, video, performance, poetry, sculpture, and audio. Known for her collaborative ethos, she bridges artistic disciplines, creating innovative, shared artistic spaces. Sanjeshka's work explores themes of spirituality, language as an escape from societal norms, and critiques the hyper-productive, information-driven society, often emphasizing the power of inaction and unspoken truths.