The Devil Had Other Plans (Act I)

Guli Silberstein - 2020

Length 13:37


A gut reaction to the Coronavirus apocalypse -
a post-horror experimental film/series in three acts. This is Act I - SHOCK, selected to part of the online video project by The French Cinematheque - Letters of Cinema.
It's an appropriation of the classic Zombie public-domain film 'Night of the Living Dead' from 1968, by a mix of processing techniques and sound work. A semi-abstract stream of consciousness, echoing fear, paranoia and suspicion in the time of pandemic. Bringing back horror-film envisions of catastrophe, referencing ideas of 'home', 'outside', 'body', 'other', and extreme mental states, giving form to the dark forces bubbling under the chaos, and the craziness of it all.

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