Alan Egedy - 2020

Length 04:11


Created during the quarantine period, Transposed is a digital video produced from every day "locked up" repetitive movements and moments, in parallel with what is happening with the world outside from the isolation. Some external areas that are not affected or influenced by the virus, can continue following its own natural path, however, affected areas, which are affected due to the fact they are human creations, existing to attend human purposes, such as streets, that progressively started, according to the isolation measures of each region, to have significant less motion than it previously had, in contrast, for instance, with the ocean, a natural component of the planet that pursues its flow regardless of what happens in the world of humans, as it always has. From that, the video transits through a micro/macro relation; micro being our daily routine isolated at our homes and macro for the unseen, forgotten outside world.

Transposed discusses the caress for life that no longer belongs to us and the lack of prediction for the return of what we once considered normal, usual and quotidian; dealing with the monotony and undynamic experience that is to be confined. Also navigate through the feeling of paranoia, that some claim to experience as reverberation of the whole situation, reaction that is manifested aligned with a profound despair for normalcy.
Due to the virus uncontrollable and unpredictable behaviour, any prediction of transposition on the isolation necessity, is uncertain.

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