A Is For (Anarchy)

Kio Griffith - 2019

Length 03:31


An ongoing concern, Global warming has been the background weather news that is meant to warn us, and the critical ‘red’ light has been pulsated for the past few decades, and within the apathetic lament, groan and exhale of emptiness, the irreversible earthly destruction, rewind-plays the footage of the cascading glacier into the darkest water of either the Arctic or Antarctic, the last frontier where all nations are merging towards only to find liquified land. “A is for Anarchy” is a laser oscilloscope component project which begun as a series of contradictory ideas that explored the semantics of this space and time in history; bodies of water represented as an ecological paradise flowing in and an unattainable utopia flowing out.
Thinking of space in terms of territorialism, colonialism, and nationalism, what is actually owned by any nation? How do these claims change hands? There are disputed lands in the far reaches of borderlands. On a planet where water mass surpasses the 30% of terrain we hang onto, could there be another way of evaluating territory? “What if the sea areas were nations? Where will the national borders be visible?” The body of waters are in constant flux, flowing into every other micro/macro universe, there are no traces of history or human footprint on the undulating surface. Navigating between the infinitely encompassing astral sky and the boundlessly rippling waves below could as well be outerspace. The superimposition of code-generated animations of illuminatd skeletal machines are displaced through editing, initiating dialogue between fictitious and real sources, alternatingly overwriting the history of the other; the dual light source intersecting on an X-path, penetrating the projected surface and the projected double-image, bleeding to the other side of the border; and the continuous psychokinetic oscillation of sound-visual-sound, and visual-sound-visual creating a double-exposure of a sensory experience.

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