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Mamma Dorme

> Daniela Lucato - 2020

> Length 12:15


Ada is charmed by the subtle limit that separates reality and memory and lets the nostalgic memories of her father mix with the simple sound of everyday events.
Inspired by the poems in the collection "Memory in the Body" by Antonella Sica, the film explores the theme of death, its almost dreamlike presence in the world of the living and the power of gestures and its symbolic value in evoking memories.

Written and Directed by Daniela Lucato
Photography Jacopo Pantaleoni
Sound Editing/Mixing Federico Milanesi
Boomer Lorenzo Bonarini, Francesco Cremonesi
Musica Sergio Marchesini, Francesco Ganassin
Graphic Designer Marco Piuri

Maria Grazia Mandruzzato
Matilde Cremonese
Emanuele Piovene
Lucia Viola Zampieri

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