Quarantine Self Portrait

Thomas Valianatos - 2020

Length 02:01


This video is based on some of my self portraits captured during the coronavirus lock down.
Made with Touch Designer & Magic Music Visuals software. Electro music was also created by me.

Keywords: time warp, quarantine, covid-19 pandemic, generative art, real time, audio reactive, live visuals.

The quarantine's experience time has functioned as a humanized time. Its previous social barbarity was imprisoned in the familiar cage of my soul and became my creation time. Each day was my friend, an eternal circular and dynamic present, a consciousness without conflicts. It was like an eternity that is experienced differently every moment. An unprecedented form of stillness gripped me and perpetuated in many abstract fragments which finally formed the new texture of my existence, in this peculiar isolation. I became from the carcass of time I was before, its qualitative disintegration… Reality was distorted and experienced illusively. The time from the alienation that was before, was transformed and became the cover for the scratched truth of myself. This kind of time my conscience had dreamed to live.

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