Ama Dogbe

Ama Dogbe

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Ama Dogbe is a British-Ghanaian artist known for her innovative exploration of personal and societal themes through various digital mediums. Her artistic process is characterised by a blend of self-taught skills and collaborative techniques, resulting in experimental and unconventional outcomes.

Dogbe has received prestigious commissions from a number of significant institutions. Notable among these are her commissions by Spike Island in Bristol in 2023 and Modern Painters in Loughborough in the same year. In 2022, she worked with tiata fahodzi in Watford and served as a digital artist in residence with Chisenhale Into The Wild in London. Furthermore, Ama Dogbe was a resident artist at BOM in Birmingham in 2022.

Her creative works have been exhibited within prominent galleries. Noteworthy exhibitions include Fermynwoods Contemporary Art in 2022, East Bristol Contemporary in the same year, and Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester in 2021.

Ama Dogbe's artistic expression is a testament to her ability to push boundaries and offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues. Her diverse digital portfolio and engagement with institutions underscore her influential presence in the UK's contemporary art scene.