Week 8 Naporn sent Ana on a walk

Ana Sanchez-Colberg - 2020

Length 04:58


The video series Love Letters to Ana (In the time of Covid 19) is a recent a collaborations between 10 international artists during the 9-week period of 'heavy lockdown' in the city of Athens. Lead artist Ana Sanchez-Colberg invited 9 international artists in 'lockdown cities' (from Seoul to Beijing, to Bangkok, Rome, Milan, San Antonio, to name some) to send her an audio 'love letter'. This love letter was used as an audio-score to 'go on a walk' (a poetic slightly ironic variation on the museum audio walk) in the conditions of 'containment'. The idea of a walk draws from notions of 'walking' as world-making. The letters serve as a cross-border reflection on the shared and distinct conditions of 'lockdown' as well as an exercise in 'recuperation' amidst the loss.

The videos and audios were recorded and edited on mobile devices as lockdown meant working with the 'make do' of what was available as lockdown meant that we were unable to access our regular spaces of work (studios, recording rooms etc). Therefore, the glitches, noises, errors, the excess of the moment captured by the mobile tool are not edited out, but rather stand as markers of the historical conditions of the works' making.

Participating artists:
Seo-Hwon JI, Seoul, KOREA
Naporn Praew Wattanakasaem, Bangkok, THAILAND
Clara Yang, Lakota First nation Reservation, USA
Damaris Ferrer, Miami, FL USA
Amber Ortega -Perez, Miami, FL USA
Paolo Panizza, Milan, ITALY
Belen Amaya, Rome, ITALY
Pioneer Winter, Miami, FL,, USA
Niurca Marquez, Habana, CUBA
Ana Sanchez-Colberg, Athens, GREECE

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